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Z3X Samsung Unlock Pack 50 Credits - Direct Code Reading Via Server for Qualcomm Phones Maximize

Z3X Samsung Unlock Pack 50 Credits - Direct Code Reading Via Server for Qualcomm Phones

Delivery time : 1 - 6 Hours

From 31.07.2017 - 1 success code reading will take 10 credits After Promotion Period Ends

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SM-A9000,SM-A9100,SM-A910F,SM-C5000,SM-C5010,SM-C5018,SM-C7000,SM-C7010,SM-C7018,SM-C9000,SM-C900F,SM-G5510,SM-G5520,SM-G891A,SM-G9300,SM-G9308,SM-G930A,SM-G930AZ,SM-G9350,SM-G935A,SM-G9500,SM-G9508,SM-G950U, SM-G950U1,SM-G950W,SM-G9550,SM-G955U,SM-G955U1,SM-G955W,SM-J320N0,SM-J320Y,SM-J320YZ,SM-J320ZN,SM-J5108,SM-J510F,SM-J510FN,SM-J510FQ,SM-J510GN,SM-J510H,SM-J510K,SM-J510L,SM-J510MN,SM-J510S,SM-J510UN,SM-J727V,SM-J727VPP,SM-T818,SM-T818A,SM-T818T,SM-T818V,SM-T818W,SM-T825,SM-T825Y.

Z3X Credits New phones added:(Flashing, Backup/Restore CERT, Unlock, Repair, Patch cert, reboot download/recovery) - first in the world .

SM-J530F ,SM-J530FM ,SM-J530Y ,SM-J730F ,SM-J730FM

How these credits work work. Connect phone via usb(no need even root), enable ADB, press read codes. Nothing will get changed inside phone, phone will be like before operation (knox will be untouched), you will have just codes for unlock your phone. This operation will work if you have enough credits on your account. If phone has modified data inside, codes may not readed, in this case credits will remain on account.

This solution work without any connection to 3nd part server. Solution fully independent from anyone. So nothing to worry about (someone close account, problem on server, access changes etc.). We guaranteed 99,9% servers uptime.

Kindly note that Z3X credits require Samsung Pro activation to be enabled.


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